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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And Then My Baby Turned 1!

When Bubba joined our "little" family a year ago, he was so tiny!  There was no way he was going to ever turn 1...I was sure he'd stay my baby forever :) 
Well, he's still tiny and still loves being my baby, with snuggles and coos...but like it or not, the calendar determined it was time for him to turn 1!
We headed to Papa and Mimi's house for the weekend (because Mommy and Papa had important concert tickets...priorities!) so we decided to celebrate Bubba a few weeks early!!
(And...since his real name was revealed on this blog when he was born...I've included his cakes with his real-life don't be confused when you don't see "Bubba" written on the cake!)

 A year of Bubba!

(nut-free cake again!)

With Great-Nana :)

Humoring Mommy with his crown

Dairy-free smash cake
(more on that in another post!)

covered in icing with help from his siblings :)

And he's 1!
Happy birthday, Bubba!
You came into our life as a great surprise and have kept us on our toes every minute of every day!  You are the sweetest snuggler and cutest smiler.  You can brighten any day and have brought joy to so many rough situations in your short little life.  You grow at your own pace and do things on your own timetable.  You have taught Mommy and Daddy patience and faith in ways we never knew.  You complete our family and have brought us such peace.  We love watching you turn into your own person and can't wait to see who you become.  Stay little a bit longer and keep snuggling :)
We love you more than...everything!

Woof! Woof! Somebody Turned 9!

Life has a way of getting in the way :) 
I took a much longer than planned blogging break and I've missed documenting our lives.
So without further ado... :)
Tater turned 9...yes, 9!!!! February.  With winter break, some traveling (that will come in a big iphone dump!), and sickness all around, it was just simpler to postpone her big celebration until March...and it couldn't have been better!
She requested a puppy party (yes, the girl who is allergic to dogs!) and Mommy complied, with a bit of help from Pinterest!  Our great friend was able to get us a hall to use (which translates to Mommy not having to clean the house for the party!) and we spent a few hours the night before setting up (just the mommies!).  Tater was thrilled to walk in the day of the party and see all the decorations!
Nut-free "pupcakes" for my tree-nut allergy girl
 (I guess that's a post to share!)

Make a puppy toy

Decorate a box to take your puppy home

The treat table :)


Paint your paws (manis!)

Lunch for the little guy :)

The bigger middle!

The little middle!

adopting puppies


Food time!

Fun was had by all...even this little one, who practiced holding the balloons for his up-coming special day :)
We cleaned up and were on our way to Ikea (as a reward for Mommy!) within a half-hour!
Happy birthday, Tater! 
You were the first piece of this wonderful crazy puzzle that we call our family.  You taught us how to be a mommy and a daddy.  You've shown us how to love unconditionally and without hesitation.  You exude enthusiasm and compassion and thoughtfulness.  You have blessed us in countless ways and keep us guessing and endlessly test our patience :)  We wouldn't change a second of our life with you...except to slow it down and keep you little a bit longer!
We love you around the universe and back again!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Time Weekend

We had a rough "back home" is dealing with major health issues and we are just so far away and feeling so helpless.
So...we headed to the beach for fresh air and therapy :)
I can always find my peace at the beach, regardless of the season!

And, as tradition stands, we ended the day with our yearlt Super Bowl Sunday sundaes!
(Note: this was taken before Bubba discovered he wasn't going to be enjoying any of the delicious treat...his sweet smile quickly disappeared!)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Winter Day at the Beach

Daddy had heard of a new-to-us beach to check out.  It's a beach that you can park right at the sand/rocks.  Every parent who has ever hauled cart-loads of supplies dream, right?  So we took advantage of a free Sunday afternoon and temperatures above freezing to take a drive and check it out.  Totally spur of the that we started driving as I googled the location to get the correct name and then hurried to enter it in the GPS...thank God for technology and smart phones :)
I probably should have checked the weather for wind predictions...because even though it wasn't super-cold, it was quite blustery!  The waves were AMAZING!  And the kids had a blast exploring and talking about summer and a return trip!
Caught Daddy when he wasn't paying attention to the camera :)


The wind and waves were amazing and I couldn't get enough!
I'm truly a beach matter the season!
Best shot I could get...the wind was so strong they couldn't stand up! 


Summer can't come soon enough...